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Season in the Minors

by Chris Watkins - Student Minister

This is not just a baseball reference, but actually a study our student ministry is doing on Wednesdays looking at the minor prophets. Some of us can probably tell others of Jonah and the big fish, and maybe use the names of some of the prophets in Bible Trivia (Obadiah is the shortest book in the Bible), etc. How many of us can truly say we have spent time with the minor prophets to see what we can learn from Israel’s history and see how we can grow closer to the Lord?


This Wednesday we will be looking at the book of Habakuk. We will get to see a prophet that is crying out about the depravity of the land around him and wondering what God is doing about it. Does that not sound like what we see going on around us today? I believe we can learn some great truths about how we need to wait and trust in the Lord’s timing.


Pray for our student ministry as we continue to dive into these books that are commonly overlooked, and as we prepare for what God has in store for us this summer with all of our camps. As we learn in these minor prophets stories, God has been, is, and will be faithful! 

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