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oranges don't make grapejuice

David Baker

I liked my Audi convertible. I really did. I liked my “INNIE” license tag that even made SnapChat! I’ve always loved convertibles, and after my Miata, I had found this Audi that didn’t require me to do so many “deep knee bends” to get in and out of it.

You might notice I used the past tense in my comments above. Dru, borrowing my truck, backed into my Audi as I was coming in behind her into our driveway, causing a large dent above the left rear wheel. I tried to dodge her, but just wasn’t quick enough. (The truck, on the other hand, only had a minor paint transfer spot on the corner of its bumper).

My day’s activities halted a bit as I spent time talking to a couple of insurance agents and a body shop. A few days later, I was informed that the cost to repair was more than the car was worth – the very definition of a “total.” (I had spent more money than I should have on repairs, so this situation might very well be a blessing in disguise.)

I’m reminded of a sermon illustration I heard many, many years ago – “When you’re squeezed, what comes out? When you squeeze a tube of toothpaste you don’t expect Preparation H.”

Think about these times of squeezing: an angel informing Mary that she’s going to have the Son of God; Joseph’s dream to believe that Mary was indeed pregnant with God’s child (the hardest one for me!); the shepherds’ evening interrupted by angels announcing the birth of the Christ-child; Saul on the road to Damascus; Noah’s task to build a boat to survive a flood; Joseph’s journey after his brothers sold him into slavery; Job and his entire story; the list goes on and on.

And sometimes God allows us to be squeezed to give testimony to His great love for us. I can’t count the number of Believers who have said not “Good-bye” to their loved ones, but “I’ll see you later!” as their beloved stepped into the presence of Jesus! And how many precious saints have been in hospitals, trusting God and His provision in the form of doctors, nurses, medical staff, medicines and procedures? Talk about the “peace that passes all understanding!”

Truth be told, I don’t want to be squeezed as it’s usually an uncomfortable experience. But I hope that each time God does allow me to be squeezed that the Spirit of God will be shown. Because that’s what the label says.

What comes out when you’re squeezed?

Prai-“sing” Him!

- David

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