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what is a new year's resolution?


What is a New Year’s resolution? I have heard it said that it is a to do list for the first week in January. That is a pretty funny statement because we all know that most of these “resolutions” last a very short time and have very little success. Most of the time they focus on things we would like to change about ourselves, or the way we interact with others. So why do they fail so often? I would argue it is all about focus. I am not saying we don’t focus on our goals, but far too often we focus our goals on our own desires instead of God’s. Our resolutions fail because we fail to ask God what He would like to change within us.

I am reminded of the story of Joshua in the Old Testament. The book opens with Moses’ death and God calling Joshua to take up the task of leading the Israelites into the promised land; a huge new task for Joshua, a task too big for him alone. However, Joshua is willing to follow God and His commands for his life. Joshua chapter 1 has only 18 verses within it. These 18 verses tell us how God, Joshua, and the Israelites were called to action and their response to that call. What is interesting to note is that when faced with such an overwhelming task (a God given resolution if you will) we are told that God is with Joshua and will not leave him. Four times in this very short chapter Joshua is told to “be strong and courageous”!

New Year‘s resolutions are great when they come from God. They may seem insurmountable, but we can take solace in the fact that God will be with us; we must only be strong and courageous!

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- Clint

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