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5 ways to pray

Dear Church Member,

I pray all is well with you these days. I know these are trying times and that lives are being adversely affected in so many ways. Yet, these are the days the Lord has called us to, and I am confident He will find our congregation faithful as we follow the path He has laid out for us.

Thank you for being a part of this loving congregation. While some are able to attend in person now, I know that for a variety of reasons, many cannot. So, they watch our services online, or they watch on a DVD later in the week. And for some of you, I know this is just a difficult time. Even with that, I also know of your faith and that you are staying in His Word and trusting in Him. In addition, I also know, beyond any doubt, that you are praying. In light of that, may I make a request? May I ask to you pray specifically for us?

1. Would you pray for me and the rest of the church leaders? Every day begins with a prayer for wisdom as we look for direction as we shepherd this wonderful flock. Pray that the Lord would make His way clear and that we might have the strength to follow what He reveals to us.

2. Would you ask the Lord to give us wisdom about decisions we have to make regarding travel arrangements we had to cancel because of COVID-19? We are approaching deadlines for using vouchers towards future trips, and we want to make good choices.

3. Would you pray for Vacation Bible School 2020? We’ve set aside the second week of July for VBS this year, and there are many things that need to be handled between now and then.

4. Would you pray for Clint and Pup as they finalize plans for our summer camps? It’s a brand new world for them and I know they would appreciate your prayers (and maybe notes of encouragement) as they see God’s plan unfold in the lives of our children and students.

5. Finally, would you pray for those who are in need? In addition, would you pray that we know about them? No one needs to ‘slip through the cracks,’ at this time. Our church

wants to help; pray that we might understand the needs around us that we might make a difference.

Again, thank you for praying. Your prayers have such an impact; I am grateful beyond words for saints who constantly come before the Father on others’ behalf.

It’s a joy to be your pastor!

Bro. Dave

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