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holiday crescendo!

Rusty Stowe

As a kid growing up I loved to listen to marching band music. John Phillips Sousa had a special gift of writing music for bands. When I went to Cameron State University in Lawton to work on a degree in music education they REQUIRED me to attend concerts where the Lawton Symphonic Orchestra was performing. This "long-hair" music was not for me. But an amazing thing happened, I was transformed into a guy who really grew to love all kinds of music. Then the day came when I stood in front of an orchestra and was able to give direction for them to play soft and gentle or to have them "crescendo" into a grandioso, majestic sound. Now this might not be your thing, but for a kid from Waurika it was amazing.

Crescendo is a music term that simply means "a gradual increasing of the quantity of sound." This same thing happens in our lives especially around this time of the year. As we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas we need to "increase our level of praise" for what God has done in our lives. Psalm 150 is a "festive" hymn that is full of praise and adoration. In those six short verses the Psalmist tells us WHERE, WHY, HOW, and BY WHOM the Lord is to be praised. In those six verses of this psalm we see the word "PRAISE" appearing 12 times. The writer is trying to tell us the importance of offering praise to our Lord.

Are you praising the Lord today? Are you praising Him with the talents He has given to you? Or do you find enough excuses to make you feel better by not offering your gift of praise? From the youngest to the oldest we are to PRAISE THE LORD! This Thanksgiving time of the year ought to be a great time for you to praise the Lord.

We look forward to seeing you in our Mustang Christmas Village this year! Our "opening night" will be Tuesday, December 10. Locate a schedule for the Village and invite your neighbors and friends to come and celebrate the Son of God with us.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

- Rusty

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